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About us

Brogans Bakery was founded in 1967 by Liam and Patricia Brogan.

The bakery supplied products to the local villages and towns in the West of Ireland. Its founding believes and goals were based on ensuring consistent quality product for our customers to enjoy and supporting the local community in which we operate. Those same believes and goals carry through to everything we do today.

Now as we enter our 50th year we look back with pride on where we have come from and how the same values the business was founded hold fast today. We are proud to announce that Brogans have teamed up with Kerrygold to bring one of Irelands most famous brands to the consumer in a shortbread biscuit.  We also continue to work with retailers in bringing quality products for their customers to enjoy as well as building with the food service sector on exciting innovation in baked products.

Our vision is to be good and what we do and only do what we are good at, always ensuring quality without compromise looking after our customers and protecting the same believes that our parents had when they produced their first product 50 years ago.